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Facts & Figures provides a free consumer life skills curriculum to Hong Kong middle and high school teachers, as well as homeschool parents and individuals. The curriculum teaches a new type of financial literacy in English and Cantonese, provided (without strings attached) by Education University of Hong Kong and the FoolProof Foundation.

Lessons That Will Last a Lifetime

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Credit card debt among Hong Kong youth is skyrocketing. The staggering amount of time kids spend on digital devices makes them particularly vulnerable to marketers. Our youths are easily lured into (financial) trouble.

Facts & Figures curriculum provides a powerful antidote. It empowers students—at a critical time in their development—by teaching healthy skepticism.

Beyond Traditional Financial Literacy

The Facts & Figures curriculum goes beyond traditional financial literacy.

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Students who use the curriculum will be better equipped to avoid scams, resist impulse buying and easy debt, and recognize manipulative marketing techniques.

Still in its test phase, the curriculum consists of 5 interactive educational modules. It’s online, video-driven and self-grading financial literacy instruction. And young people do all the teaching.

What's So Special About the Curriculum?

Our high school curriculum is the only curriculum endorsed by both the Consumer Federation of America and the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

FoolProof's curriculum features important time-saving tools designed to lower a teacher's workload.

  • They teach critical thinking skills.
  • They're high-tech, web-driven, and young people do all the teaching.
  • The curriculum features about 200 interactive videos.
  • It's FREE! No strings attached.
  • Students can work at their own pace - they can stop and start at any time.
  • Lessons can be assigned as homework.
  • Teachers can monitor all students or one student from any computer.
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Does It Add to My Workload?

No, it does not.

In fact, FoolProof's curriculum features important time-saving tools designed to lower a teacher's workload:

  • Student's register themselves.
  • All tests are self-grading.
  • Teachers can instantly determine which topics a student needs to complete.
  • Topics can be assigned as homework. If a student is missing one topic, the individual student can complete that topic from any computer with internet access.

How Do I Get Started?

You can try the curriculum and begin using it in your classroom within 24 hours.

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